Pilates Boot Camp Workout



Pilates Bootcamp combines the key principles of Pilates core stability with the traditional invigorating style of bootcamp training. Core stability is the very essence of the Pilates technique; it simply refers to making your centre or your core solid and strong.Pilates Bootcamp gives you a lean and more toned body while providing you with a stronger resistance to the on a regular basis stresses of work and life. It is a full body conditioning program, for you to lengthen and give a boost to your muscles – with the added good thing about bettering your muscle-to fat ratio and correcting your posture. Become familiar with three very important areas:
1.Breathing / Pelvic Floor

2.Muscles / Deep Abdominal Muscles.
Presented by Pilates fitness professional Ann Crowther this specially written split level workout is for beginners through to more advanced.These exercises will increase yourenergy levels, releasing both physical and mental tension, leaving you feeling refreshed and calm with a more positive self-image.

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