Toning Workout – Prepare to Bare



A unbelievable new workout from Millie Dobie, renowned personal trainer to the celebrities. With over 10 years of revel in, Millie is a highly qualified and respected fitness professional who has trained many high profile clients, including such notables as Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.The Bikini Workout is a full body workout designed to extend overall fitness levels, burn body fat and shape and tone specific body parts (including the abdominals, legs, bum and arms) in preparation for an important day, the summer, a wedding or holiday.This workout is based around simple to follow sections including aerobic, Pilates based and traditional body conditioning exercises. The primary circuit workout section burns fat, builds muscle and increases metabolism even as the Pilates section also improves flexibility and strengthens the core centre even as creating long toned muscles.This workout is designed for the ones wishing to shed a couple of pounds, toughen and redefine the body, restore and create confidence, resulting in a slimmer, firmer and more radiant you.

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