Yoga and Pilates Workout: Power Yoga – Vol. 4



Yoga And Pilates Workout: Power Yoga – Vol. 4 is a compilation of physical exercises and health plans which were designed according to the ancient Indian health system of Yoga. A highly rated product, the disc features a revolutionary approach to Yoga and Pilates, narrated and demonstrated by established practitioners from across the health fraternity.

Power Yoga is a hybrid form of physical exercise, developed from the roots of traditional Indian Hatha Yoga and combining them with requirements of strength and stamina, in a more dynamic and aerobic form of Yogic sequences and postures. Pilates is a hundred-year old system of controlled physical movements aimed at improving consistency, flexibility, strength, and respiration in the human body .The DVD is divided into three sections, with several Power Yoga postures and sequences to strengthen the body’s flexibility and core strength. The series is set in some breathtaking locations to be able to directly inspire the viewer, and provide a beautiful backdrop to the exercises, to be able to make certain that they both soothe the mind and make stronger the body. The disc, subtitled Fit For Life, attempts to live up to its promise, and for the most part, does so. Even as it is targeted towards improving the way of life of people of all ages, it is important to that one consults a physician before embarking on a routine, as really helpful in the series.

Yoga And Pilates Workout: Power Yoga – Vol. 4 is rated U (Universal), and used to be brought out by Gipsy Video in DVD format. The compilation runs for 70 minutes.

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