Toyshine Plastic Archer Toy with Lights, Quiver and 3 Suction Arrows and Target (Big Size, Red, Grey)


IMPROVE CONCENTRATION: This kid bow, and arrow game offer a good exercise for the eyes, which helps to improve concentration in your kids. Through play, children are using eye-hand coordination, wrist rotation, precision, and fine motor movements. Product includes: 1 Bow, 3 Arrows and 1 Quiver, 1 Targeting . Product Dimensions: 66*13*3cm.
EQUIPPED WITH SUCTION CUPS: Children will enjoy the feeling of real hunting; the arrows are equipped with suction cups that help them stick to their goals.
DEVELOPS HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Children will practice their precision skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and aim directly at the objective in the most fun and interactive way.






  • In order to introduce your child to the wonderful world of archery, buying them their own kit is step one to take.
  • With this bow and arrow set, children can work their way to becoming archery masters.


  • Brighten up the fun with the bow and arrow game that is designed with lights that flash along everything you just added to the fun.
  • Realistic experience / develop archery skills – this archery game works almost like a real arc.
  • The addition of the bow and arrow target will help you measure your shooting accuracy and also a good eye exercise that helps strengthen concentration in your children.
  • Lightweight bow and arrows are simple to use,Youth bow and arrow set for kids takes less than a minute to assemble and ideal for outdoor kids games
  • It’s easy to carry the arrows in the quiver.Kids can take archery bow anywhere they need to.
  • Adjustable bow chord helps in tightening of string for a precise and focussed target.

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  • Play and compete with other children and see who has the best accuracy and the best shooting skills
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  • This Archery set is in a position to withstand multiple hours of use without breaking.
  • A fun and exciting toy that will have kids of all ages striving to be the best shot.
  • The bow design is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters
  • The Original bow can be adjusted as the archer grows and develops their skills.
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    • It has numbers so that kids can know the points they score whilst playing with their friends.
    • It can strengthen attention, exercise reaction speed, and fortify muscle strength.


    • The archery set has a bow which has a molded grip for comfortable shooting and the string can be easily adjusted to increase the strength and tension.
    • With this bow and arrow set, children can work their way to becoming archery masters.