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Now, you don’t have to leave your house to get the similar benefits of a gym workout. Lucy Knight’s new innovative workout shows you that with just a little imagination you’ll be able to have an exciting and effective ‘gym workout’ simple by the use of the home hold items found around your house. Items such as cans, bottles of water, vacuum handles, telephone directories, chairs, cushions and belts can all be utilized to re-create the similar effects as exercise machines found in most gyms. Home Gym Workout makes doing gym styled exercise routines a lot more accessible and it’s cost free. Lucy’s routines are designed to workout and target specific body parts and is broken down into sections including- warm up, upper body workout and lower body workout, abdominals and stretch. This programme is designed to provide your body a thorough workout, strengthening and toning your muscle groups and setting the conditions for inch loss and all this may also be achieved with no need to leave your house.

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