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AFYRB has a riser made from Aluminium alloy coated with a special gloss finish and limbs made from compressed fiberglass material. The bow is strong and durable. The bows small built and low draw weight means it requires little physical effort to use making it ideal for both beginners and juniors . The riser has an ergonomically designed grip which makes this an ideal choice for every type of archers. The bow comes equipped with a Dacron string. The bow is precise and stable and is a true joy to shoot with. This kit has the whole thing you wish to have to get began in the exciting world of archery. The flexible limbs allow the bow to resist the draw weight even as the riser reduces vibrations though the bow after shooting. Bow Length: 48.5″ Brace Height: 6″ Draw Weight: 15 to 20 Lbs Color: As per image Draw Length: 22 to 29 inches The package includes following items: 1 Bow with String . 1 Screw Arrow Rest 1 Pin Brass Sight 1 Simple Quiver 1 Armguard 27″ Wooden Arrows 3 pieces. These bows are to be had for right shooters only. This edition can be utilized by everyone above the age of 10 years. These recurve bows are ideal for men, women and children who enjoy archery or who are beginners to archery. Ideal for recreational and professional archers. Improbable range and accuracy makes it a true joy to shoot. Ample limb length allows for a smooth draw. Designed to be dismantled easily for ease in storage and transport.

As Per Product Description

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